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My craze for beauty products is endless and I love to have all shades in cosmetics. In this Oriflame Review part 2, lets find out if Oriflame really worth to have?

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

I love balm as dry skin and chapped lips are completely turn off. I often use them at night before sleeping. As I have dry skin, I always make sure that I invest in really good skin care for dry skin.

I was smitten by Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm with Organic Honey’s extremely cute packaging and the glossy shiny body. Looks Nice!! The actual product is a deep yellow colored balm which resembles like of the original petroleum jelly not the colorless one.

Not only this, the texture itself is very similar to that of Vaseline with the same consistency except for the stickiness as this protecting balm is less sticky and contains petroleum and beeswax! BTW! I love Vaseline.
I usually like travel friend lip balm so they are easy to carry. For hygiene purpose, I prefer the tube container.

My first brush up with this was on lips of course! And I should happily say that, yes, It has helped them not to be dry anymore and the dryness was gone!! Where? No idea! It hydrates and moisturizes the lips well and keeps them soft for around 4 hours, then you may need to reapply. Best time to use this is at night! As a lip balm, thumbs up from me! I am currently using it as soon as I come out of the shower.

I have also tried them on my dry cuticles! I used this balm and massaged a little bit of this on my cuticles at night so that I wake up with decent looking hand, nails. It did awesome job.

It says that it can be used for any dry body part like elbows, feet etc but it is such a teeny meeny pot that it will not last long! Look at that round tub which stands hardly 2 inches tall! It’s too cute and just like a cute toy! Love the detailing on the top of the cap. Hence, I spared it and only use it for my knuckles, cuticles and lips. That’s it!!

Overall, I am happy with it, whatever, I wanted it to do for me, and it fared well!

Price 299 INR for 15 ML

Pros –

  • Affordable
  • Hydrates dry areas and I have tried it for lips, knuckles and cuticles
  • Beeswax is one of major ingredient that gives it capability to nourish and make dry areas supple.
  • Cute packaging which is tempting to try the other variants.
  • Has no significant smell or taste.

Cons –

  • Availability: Oriflame consultants, Oriflame.in.
  • Hygiene due the pot container
  • Very less quantity.

TSS Rating 8/10

Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick Purple Rumba Shade &

Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Raspberry Could Shade

Guilty as charged ,I love lip stick, love buying them, can’t have enough of them. So for review, I kept my inner desire at bay and chose one of the best lip colors from both Vinyl Gel and Matte Mousse, which I think will go with my personality. So let me give the genuine review about them.

Oriflame the ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick Purple Rumba Shade

I m using Oriflame the ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick Purple Rumba Shade on upper lip. Recently I m in love with Purple lip shade, it is clear that I will opt for this one.

What Oriflame the ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick claims?

Super-light liquid lipstick goes on like a gel, with an ultra-smooth plexigloss finish in 8 intense shades. Non-sticky, extreme colour coverage. Glides on easily for super-slick lips with perfect colour clarity. Conditioning formula keeps lips feeling soft. A definite head-turner.

My views about Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick

Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick comes in a very simple but elegant packaging. The see through transparent tube helps to know the shade easily.  This gel lipgloss comes with a good sponge applicator which is soft and helps to coat my lips evenly.

The texture of this gel lipstick is very creamy and thick that doesn’t bleed. On application, it feels like butter on the lips that is so easy to apply and is hydrating at the same time. I think this is the best lip gloss for dry and chapped lips beauties. It doesn’t sticky at all on my lips like other lip glosses and gives lipstick pigmentation.

Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick are nicely saturated and gives awesome color with just a single swipe. There are shades to suit all skin tone -fair, medium and dark. You have a variety to choose from the shades of nu*e, coral, pink, magenta and purple. The glossiness of this lip gel is just perfect and won’t make you look like a disco- ball even of applied during summer days. I have pigmented lips and this lip gloss gives the desired colour.

The Staying Power Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick is just for 2-3 hours that starts to fade when you eat or drink.  I wish the wear time was lil longer!

 If you love lipgloss in bright and bold shade Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick is for you! You will love to flaunt them all, especially during summer for the blushing lips!

Price 699 INR 5 ML

Pros  –

  • Good hydration and pigmentation
  • Steady container

Cons –

  • Not a gloss fan so I prefer matte shade
  • Easily fades while eating
  • Reapply after every 2 hours
  • Availability: Oriflame consultants, Oriflame.in.

TSS Rating 6/10


The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Raspberry Cloud 

The pink shade which I m using on lower lips is The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Raspberry Cloud shade is packed inside a see through plastic tube with a silver lid. The tubes are nice and sturdy same as Soft like The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipstick.

The texture is like whipped cream, the lipstick mousse glides on with love. Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse lipsticks have a nice lingering fragrance that’s so good to sniff. The lipstick brush helps to cover all corners of the lips and give an even finish. Pigmentation is lax, the shades are not very strong and give a soft coverage on the face. The lip shades are pleasing to the eyes and do not come across as striking lip colors.

Guys, this is not matte at all, I don’t understand why its name matter mousse, they are just like any other mousse cream lip gloss lipstick. This part is very deceiving as the product claims 2 to 4 hours depending upon how quickly you eat them or how much you eat. Requires a touch up after 3 hours. You don’t have to worry for a two hour kitty party or a quick coffee plan. Longer get- togethers would require a touch up.

Price – 699 INR 5 ML

Pros –

  • Creamy texture is easy to apply
  • Good pigmentation
  • Best for dry lips

Cons –

  • Not matte
  • Need to reapply after eating
  • Availability: Oriflame consultants, Oriflame.in.

TSS Rating – 5/10

Oriflame Metallic, Long Wear, Mini and Top n Base Coat Nail Polish Reviews

Don’t we all love nail polish, one thing is completely turn off are naked nails. As I don’t have much time for my manicure appointment, so why not try out something which last long nails and are travel friendly. I brought some hand full of nail paint from Oriflame, let check out if they worth to buy.

Lets starts with Metallic shades

I love Metallic shade as they very festive and edgy. The shades which I pick are Aqua Green and sweet candy.

These nail colors come in a medium sized glass bottles with black screw cap. Nail color are metallic. Although I am a big fan of metallic shades of the nail polishes, I like using the matte ones but these lovelies here have inclined my taste to metallic too.

The consistency of the paints is just apt…its neither thick nor to flowy. These are very easy to apply without any mess. I think the credit goes to right dimensions and shape of the brush applicator.

You know everytime I use the nail colors…..most of the time I end up painting a little bit of my finger skin along with the nails. But as far these polishes are concerned I didn’t face this problem…..and that felt super great….. I didn’t have to wipe the paint off my skin later with the remover.

The nail color dries very very fast…..I mean super quick guys….Its like you paint your five fingers and just count to 10 and there you go….the nail paint has dried completely….isn’t that superb…..

Price 199 INR 6 ML

Pros –

  • All season must have color
  • Pigmentation is quite good


  • Use top coat for better use
  • Price is high

TSS Rating 7/10

Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polishes

I brought this shade especially they claim long wear, and I really need something which lasts for days. The shades which I went for is Cappuccino and Lilac Silk.

The ONE Long Wear Nail Polishes Review, Swatches, Shades, Price & Buy Online India I’ve been testing out Oriflame’s The ONE Range for quite some time now. I was soooo happy when I saw the shades. From the girly pastels to the bright pinks and reds and of course, the darker fall shades, the range has a beautiful variety of colors. So lets find out how well these fared.

The Oriflame One Nail Polish comes in a typical transparent glass bottle with a grey cap. I have dropped the nail paints quite a few times (butterfingers, you know ) and it did not break or crack once. The unique thing about these Oriflame nailpaints are that they have a wider flat brush which helps in painting the nails more evenly.]

The texture of Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polishes is creamy and not at all runny. Most of the nail paints show up well in 2 coats but the pastel colors require almost 3-4 coats for an opaque coverage and tend get a bit thick as well. They usually dry within a minute or so, not that I have timed it, but take the same time as any average nail paint to dry before you can start flaunting your nails. The wear time is quite good and I have no complaints with it. However, I think the price could’ve been much lower!

Price 299 INR

Pros –

  • Can stay for 2 to 3 days max
  • Good pigmentation

Cons –

  • Price is too high

TSS Rating 8/10

Oriflame Sweden Pure Color Red Nail Polish Mini Review


Yes. we all love mini nail paints under Rs. 100 before this one but it is after using this particular product that I feel nail polishes are worth spending. The biggest difference I have noticed between this one and the local nail polishes that we get in stores is of the formula. Those nail paints get thicker and messier after a few months but trust me guys, I have this one which is much better for the price and is travel friendly

Red is one color every one must have in their nail kit. Yes, I would love to own all the shades in their range. It is such a satisfactory product. It leaves no promises unfulfilled and satisfies all the expectations of its consumer. I just love it and would definitely buy it over and over again until they launch even more awesome ones.

Price 189 INR




Pros –

  • The nail polish has a beautiful finish to it.
  • The formula and consistency is very good and thin which helps in gliding it on the nails very easily without any mess.
  • It is so pigmented that even a single coat looks exactly the same as in the bottle.
  • Quick Dry

Cons –

  • I can find no cons in this product. It has a good formula, good staying power, great pigmentation, dries quickly.. What else do I want?

TSS Rating 9/10

Oriflame The One Base and Top Coat Review

Oriflame The One Base and Top Coat Review. I am very new to nail art.and recently, I have started doing some nail art, I mean I am learning the basics still and failing. I love nail art I usually go for Sally Hansen top coat.

So what the top coat does? A layer of top coat over a nail art is very important. It acts as a sealer to your just done beautiful nail art and it doesn’t chip off easily. Plus clear top coats give a glossy, shiny look to the nails, which looks great. Lasts for weeks, if using a good brand nail coat. But is Oriflame up to the mark ? here is the review.


This nail top and base coat comes in a thin long bottle made of glass and have plastic screw open cap with brush. The packaging is  attractive and the brush is not ordinary but have wide bristles to apply perfectly. I have used this product so many times with colored nail paints and without them. Many a times , when I am in hurry I just apply a coat of this, it makes my nails shiny instantly. I have some nail paints that chips a lot,  after 1 day of application only. I tried applying this product over them, miraculously it stayed longer than before.

 It is a fixing base coat too which keep my nails away from any damage. It keeps my nails healthy and strong after removing the nail paint. But still I would go for better other good brands to give hardening effect.

Price 299 8 ML

Pros –

  • Glossy Finish
  • Increases nail paint life
  • Ice wide brush
  • Transparent
  • Keeps nails healthy

Cons –

  • Need a better performance for this price.

TSS Rating 6/10

What are you palnning to shop for lip stick, balm or nail polish. Hope the review comes handy to you, grab the best color which goes with your skin type. Till then wear what in THE SEASON STYLE.

 Happy Shopping
Article written and model – Jannat Sorathia (founder of THE SEASON STYLE)
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