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Merry Christmas Fellas ! May this festive season sparkle and shine and may fill each one of your lives with happiness all year round. So, would you want me to stop by your door in my Christmas outfit? I m fully excited with this festive winter vibes. Hey! what you are still deciding what to wear for Christmas, ya no easy task. Whatever your tradition, it’s always nice to pick a stand-out outfit to mark the occasion but what if you have more than one special event lined up? Here at TSS, I am giving you all a quick guide to stock up with some right accessory this fall season. I found a brand name YOUSHINE which has all the right collection for this season.


A bit of glitz and glamour is a must and can be incorporated in a number of different ways: if you usually relax around the house on Christmas Day enjoying indoor festivities, then choose a comfortable outfit but right matching accessories is a must for this festive fall session. Recently I found this new brand name  Youshine online, I brought three fav pair of accessories that are prefect for this season.

Pom Pom Beanie

The only thing cuter than a beanie is a beanie with a pompom on top. They bounce when you walk and talk vigorously. And if the pompom is the same color as other elements in your look (like me), even better.

Youshine Beanies come in basically every color of the rainbow, making them a perfect (and super easy!) way to add bright color to any outfit. I love how this red woolen is complementing me with the woolen stripe tube dress.
A beanie is a really snugly and stylish way to fully embrace the winter weather. Whether or not it’s even snowed, if you wear one in a winter white shade with an outfit that otherwise sticks to that theme, you’ll be the princess of snowville in no time.

That time of the year when you get to feel all Christmassy is finally approaching! Feeling excited yet? Even though there’s still time until Christmas, everyone is already enthusiastic about decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping presents or gathering their loved ones around the dinner table.

Make sure to get yourself Christmas dress or outfit that raises to the occasion. Whatever your plans, choosing what to wear for Christmas should be fun.

Wear red – To me, the absolute highest compliment one can pay anything during November and December is that it is Christmassy. I love red in winter, since it not much chilly in Mumbai so my outfit goes well for this season. Get yourself a Beanie as it a must have style it with woolen dress and sexy boot to complete the look.


Beanie – Youshine

Dress and boots – Online

 Ankle Length Sock

I used to wear knee socks as part of my school uniform, so for a very long time, most of my memories of them involved my boring uniform which I wore for a decade. Not that great! So I’m happy to report that socks have made something of a comeback, and they not look pretty amazing when worn with an outfit that is not a uniform.

Styling knee socks in a way that doesn’t make them look overly childish, preppy, or feminine can be a little bit challenging. Luckily, there are so many cute outfits out there that make knee socks look amazing – and give all of us some serious inspiration for how we can wear them on our own. Socks are great for the cold weather because they keep you extra warm.

I love this polka dot Youshine ankle sock they come in pack of 5. If you were wondering what to wear with your low cut shoes like loafers, casual shoes or just something to protect your feet, these are perfect. As the name goes, the ankle length socks cover your feet just till the ankles and are perfect for all your casual occasions. Also, these look sophisticated and tasteful.

Youshine socks ankle sock are  good for shoes for sports, running, gym, etc.


Ankle Socks – Youshine

Floppy Hat

It’s all in your HAT! The great thing about headpiece is you can see it everywhere. There are ladies who appear in wide brimmed styles, floppy, fedoras, beanies, pom poms, fur hats, baseball caps, etc. But the thing is it’s not only buying the coolest piece, yet it’s also about appropriate styling. What you need for winter is the cold-temperature fighter that is both elegant and sophisticated. So, My Youshine suede floppy hat is perfect for winter as it very sturdy and summer at same time. There are lots of amazing designs to try on this year.

Floppy hats are so in right now, which is a great news, because they’re not only chic and stylish, but super practical. They keep the sun off your pretty face, they hide messy hair, and they can totally take a “basic” outfit up several notches. If you love the way hats look on other people, but you’re not sure you can really pull one off, well… how do we put this… you’re wrong! Here’s how:

An outfit like this is the perfect way to rock a floppy sun hat. I just had fun shooting for this, careless and my free spirit vibes at beach is all me. Going with my style, finish your look with a floppy sun hat (or course) and a retro pair of sunglass.


Hat – Youshine

Dress – Mango MNG


Get in the festive vibes and find the right accessories to complete your look. Stay tuned here at TSS and as I say wear what is in THE SEASON STYLE.

Merry Christmas