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In today’s article ,it’s all about street style and non brands that can fit your budget shopping this summer. Fashion is not always about expensive clothing and shopping for brands until you can afford it. Like my main articles are divided in two, Best Brand and Street Style opt what suits you and keep stylish this Summer. In my non brand article I went for online shopping from ALI EXPRESS. Ali Express is the retail side of Alibaba and is a place to purchase goods in small quantities. Basically chinese goods which are quite affordable and trust me they won’t hurt your pocket. Let me get you exploring in my shopping spree from Ali Express and my picks for Summer.

Young Go For Classic 2 Piece

What could possibly make us happier than booking those warm weather vacations and putting together the perfect wardrobes for this May. In India, there is only one location that pops up in mind : Goa. My first visit to North Goa for this month’s article.

Bikinis on Strings -Yes, this is a classic, but it is still a trend that is used with multiple other springs/ summer 2017 swimwear trends, whether they are color-oriented or cut. For the 2017 year, you can do neon color as seen on me in this look, all nice and colorful to match. Young should definitely go for brighter color as they are in this Season.

There so many so other colors and styles in this Bikini String Pattern. The strong bikini appears in tiger prints and lovely yellow coloring as well, among many other designs that make this classic a modern favorite as well. Strong and nude combinations have got to be some of the better looks on the runway though in Miami, as seen on Hammock.

I kept my hair loose, accessorized with two hand cuffs and enjoy the sun while having this shoot. Go and grab your favorite pair now.

Women Go For 3 Piece Bikini


 3 piece bikinis comes string bikini top, matching brief and skirts. Stripes are in this summer 2017 and my bikini got small cute layers on them. If you ladies are heavier on your belly you must surely go for this types. Mid waist skirt hides those love handle and skirt covers up the bottom as well.

You pull the skirt slightly down and you are in perfect shape. This pattern is perfect for all ladies. These styles keeps it classy and decent at the same time.

Nothing flatters your womanly figure quite like the waist cinching, booty lifting goodness of a high waisted silhouette and Skirted Bikinis carries a large assortment of high waisted swimwear to make you feel great at the beach or pool. These retro-inspired bikini styles cover a broad spectrum of sizes from zeroto 4X, and they come in an assortment of colors and patterns to suit any taste. Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical locale or just hanging out by the pool at home, Skirted Bikinis wants to make sure that you do it all in style.

For this look I tied my hair in side pony tail and flower on hair look so cute. Grab your piece of 3 set now.

D Diva Heat Up Mesh Crop Bikini


D Diva look is all about standing out. I choose this treading bikini style from 2017/Summer to heat up the weather.

Black & Mesh certainly gives me a great image around the back and front of my bikini. You can be thin or toned, with added weight or fully endowed, it matters not. The crop top fashion has been sweeping the runways for a few seasons now and we love seeing the swimwear match the spring/ summer 2017 fashion trends as well.

For the spring/ summer months of 2017, you can enjoy crop tops with mesh paneling as seen on me, or those with strategic net see through that complement the body perfectly.

Grab an over-sized sunglass, reflector the better. I accessorized my look with my QUAY sunglasses and rosary neck piece.

That’s all for today’s Street Style article for Summer/May 2017. Stay tuned next Sunday for the Best Brands to shop in swimwear. More heat is coming up this Sunday article. Till Then Wear what is in THE SEASON STYLE.


Article written and model – Jannat Sorathia (founder of THE SEASON STYLE)
Tag on Instagram and follow – @jannatsorathia #theseasonstyle
Photographer – @framedaar
Bikini – Ali Express.com