What come comes in your mind when you hear the word Preloved? Secondhand to be certain, right. Not really, it’s just kind of a Thrift shop according to me. I used to give things away mostly to my costume designer for free so they can be reused for shoots since I had too many junk which I did not use after shoot. But not anymore, thanks to Elanic.  When they sent this cool hamper on their second birthday, I decided to have a blog post and shoot for Elanic to give back the love which I have received for two years now.  Here at TSS, today I ll share with you how Elanic is helpful in selling/buying preloved things.


Hey There,


Elanic turned two on 9th December 2017, firstly Happy Birthday hope you guys stay amazing as you are my best and part of my life now! I wish you love, hope and everlasting joy success and happiness.


I can’t believe it has been almost two years that I have been part of Elanic. To my surprise, this super cool hamper came in my mail which was such a lovely gestures to show how much you guys care. Okay, I love the patchwork tee, and  the stickon calendar is perfect for my bedroom to mark my daily routines. These freakingly fun stickon quotes on my wall is quite motivating in a wicked way.

Yes Elanic you are  #SELFMADE    STRONG    BEST    PRELOVE   APP   I came across. I love the slogan on mug and tee. Guess what my zodiac sign says FASHIONABLE baby, lol…

Lets know about my Journey with Elanic, I came across this app while I was browsing on social media. It instantly grabbed my attention and I give it a try. I learned the basic procedure which were quite simple; I signed in with my email account with my user name Janna Sorathia (@jannatsorathia). Now I need to just click pictures I want to sell, add description and post. After sometime, your listing is approved on Elanic and it gets added to your closet which is your account.  I had many shoot pictures which I uploaded and voila ! I made good sale that day and it is been great selling till date.

As a actor and model, I constantly keep shooting and I don’t repeat clothing and accessories much. Plus I had whole lot of stuff which I rarely uses and those unwanted gifts were just lying in my closet. Most of my stuff were new with tags. Its almost a year I started blogging and every alternate day either I am shooting for a new brand or for some content. Hence my photo shoot pictures came handy for selling on Elanic. Sharper the pictures,  the more you sell .

The best part about Elanic is that you can chat with the buyers, in case they want to negotiate the prices and I know how it feels when you want something which you cannot afford.  I do giveaway stuff at a lower price so all my ladies dazzle in style . The best feeling is when those buyer revert to you with so much love and blessing. That’s happiness.


I was the first seller to feature in there blog article in seller story which again is homely feeling. I am glad they started a new group on their app for Supper Bloggers and I am a part of it. This made many buyers easily find my closet and I have too many perloved to giveaway.

I also enjoy buying from VJ Anusha’s closet, she is my Fav. Here at TSS, now you know all about Elanic, go and download the app. Don’t forget to follow me there User – JannatSorathia, Till then wear what is in


Happy Shopping
Article written and model – Jannat Sorathia (founder of THE SEASON STYLE)
Tag on Instagram and follow – @jannatsorathia #theseasonstyle
Photographer –  @framedaar