Oh Hello Divas,

There are two types of groups – Girls & Women, and then what is this D Diva Look. Diva is inside every women of all age group, someone who loves to flaunt and be the limelight, she doesn’t belong to any age group. If you are the one who wants to stand out in Summer Vacation and on budget then My Summer Look for D Diva is here to help you out. Here at TSS, bring on the plunging necklines, cut-outs and strappy silhouettes. You want your look to stand out — because only a glamorous swimsuit will match with your cool sunglasses and beach-babe attitude. If that sounds like you then you’ll want to check out and start reading the blog post.

My pick for D Diva this summer is cut out One Piece Bikini, Don’t you lust about the Baywatch includes the coast guard attire with a modern twist and a sexy attitude. Surfer girls are in the house and they are wearing short sleeves, blue hue color blocking and sheer paneling across the center of the chest. Yes Yes Yes! Hold that tempting thought, coz this look of mine will get close to your fantasy Bikini out plus it fits your budget.

KEEPING IT SIMPLE: MINIMALIST SWIMWEAR – By definition, minimalist design equates to simplicity. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do. Minimal certainly doesn’t have to mean boring. To keep things interesting with the addition of quirky little details, like contrast piping or keyhole cutaways (as seen on my waist in bikini). The pieces are also subtly clever: each one includes strategically placed ties, zippers or buttons so you can maximise your tanning coverage (and avoid those crazy tanlines) when you choose to. Bonus!

My cut out One Piece Bikini which I brought from Aliexpress, is prefect buy if you are on budget. There are plenty of option and design to choose from, I had too many compliment with this one and grabbing eye balls all over at the resort. Team this with cool sunglasses, hat or sharong that stand you out. Don’t go overboard, “less is more.” Looking at their imagery, you can’t help but agree.

One piece Bikini like your functional minimalist swimwear fantasy comes to life. Go shop for something like I m wearing or go for some bold option. Remember don’t let that Diva inside you die, one life flaunt it all. I m signing out, hope you like the blog post on Budget shopping stay tuned next three are for the brand lovers and my look will be all steaming up the weather.

Until then as I say wear what is in The Season Style.