If you are new to my blog, here is a quick guide from me. In my blog there is monthly two articles, first for non brands which I call Street-Style that you can shop within your budget and pocket friendly. Second article which is for Best Brands to shop and must have in closet.

Like today’s article is all about swimwear, beachwear, fitness wear and lounge wear. Name it South Beach has all best fitness wear and water sport wear. Here is my three picks from South Beach, I had fun shoot in North Goa and damn I look Hot.

Young’s Go Plethora Prints Bikini 

While the simple colors and even the contrasting color blocks appear all over, the plethora of prints is hard to overlook when checking out the spring/ summer 2017 swimwear trends. Orange, coral, teal or pink are seen quite a bit throughout and the bright neon colors are truly appreciated for the spring and summer months.

One great style we have noticed among the spring/ summer 2017 swimwear trends has been the use of halter tops throughout, for everything from bikinis to one-pieces that dominate the runways. This is perfect for young’s and teens, as the more conservative halters bring the sexy back but in a whole new manner. Plethora prints and neon color on this swim wear is so fresh and pop which goes with youth perfectly.

Somehow this bikini was mid waist for me, which made it look sexier. High waists and mid waist certainly make sense and they have been around for a few seasons now, meaning that there is something truly interesting about this summer 2017 swimwear trend. They offer a classier effect to the sexy and give the ladies a more mature makeup as they appear on the beach and around the pools.

The ability to show a good amount of skin while still maintaining shape and beauty is not something to let go of either, as we enjoy covering our bellies with pieces that we can clearly state are beyond attractive.

I accessorized with boho neck piece and left my hair loose and had fun in pool.

Woman’s Go for Mesh Swim wear

This t-shirt crop tops swim wear are certainly unexpected, but they are perfect to wear out for ladies. I love the insert mesh on sleeves and bikini bottoms, they only appeal to us more. It is almost as if we have pulled regular tees over our swimsuits, except these are made specifically for swimming in. I had to add my own touch to this so I pulled the sleeves down to make it look like off shoulder.

I choose this for ladies has it has decent neckline and mesh make it sexier and classy at same time. Bottom is kind mid waist and full cover so it’s quite comfy. Where there are mesh cutouts added to the swimsuit that can range from near transparent to near opaque. Bold colors and graphic shapes are the standout factors here, with the two-piece creations really taking on a sexier.

I had this shoot before a week before I went for red hair. My late blonde hair are adding extra oomph and don’t forget those reflector ladies.

D Diva Stand out in One Piece

The spring/ summer 2017 swimwear trends generally seemed to revolve around one major trend: the one-piece. Whether high cuts on the hips, low plunges at the neck, and cut-outs to the sides, lacing all over, halter tops or spaghetti straps were presented on the Miami runway, it almost always included a one-piece suit, even if there was a cover over it. It had so many forms but it was still there in a major way, meaning that the one-piece swimsuit is here to stay for quite some time still. There is good reason too, because of their sleek nature and ability to hide imperfections that might otherwise leave the wearer self-conscious.

I choose one piece for the D Diva look, as it looks classy and sexy at same time. This classy South Beach one pieces I cannot help but fall in love over and over again. They often showcase the breasts beautifully, pushing the right amount and certainly holding things in place so that swimming and diving should not become a major worry.

I tied my hair in clean bun and with Quay round sunglasses, Its time soak myself in sun and get that sun kissed tan skin to die for. Do carry a cover up like I m wearing sheer ONLY shirt for cover up.

It’s a definitely Thumb up for SOUTH BEACH SWIMWEAR. I had already brought few more pieces. Go and get what suits your body type and till then as I say here at TSS, wear what in THE SEASON STYLE.


Article written and model – Jannat Sorathia (founder of THE SEASON STYLE)
Tag on Instagram and follow – @jannatsorathia #theseasonstyle
Photographer – @framedaar
Bikini – South Beach
Location  – North Goa