I believe wearing swimsuit needs utmost confidence, so be it any body-shape, if you are confident enough, then, it will radiate in what you are wearing. D Diva look is for those who like to stand out and kill it with every style they carry. Monochrome swimwear is one of the sexiest ones out there, its perfect for both day and night, so you can rock it as easily at the beach as you can at an evening pool party. Here at TSS, throw on this daring and sexy Monochromatic one-piece swimsuit, wear your best smile and get ready to have all eyes on you! Pool Party, Family vacations or beach babes, I hope you are enlightened with my post of today and bring that Diva out and explode the summer. Here we go…

Brand – Lulu and Sky

Everyone loves the simplicity of monochrome. It does look pretty, classic and versatile. If you like standing out, then the black and white is one combination you must dig it.  This Stripe bikini is all time hottest style and somehow it will always distract people around you.  Believe me, if this style is done perfectly, it can look both fashion-forward, elegant, sexy and extremely ladylike. Because monochrome does a magic to body once you wear it.

I love this bikini for two major reasons, one the extra deep V neck with lace tie style is killing the whole look and it make me look slimmer at the same time.  Yes , stripe pattern always works wonder on any body type.  It’s the look completed in the same tone of one color. In the world of fashion, we see monochrome black, white, grey, blue, red, green, burgundy, dark brown, yellow and other colors. Why do we wear one color looks? Well, this is a perfect way how to make you look taller and leaner. Of course, dark colors work perfectly, as they make you look slimmer, taller and unique. The most typical monochromatic dressing features black hue.

I know many ladies who avoid wearing monochromatic looks, because of their boring and lifeless appearance. If you want to freshen up your monochrome outfit, then you should choose modern clothes that feature voguish cuts, lush textures, and details when it comes to swim wear. Don’t forget adding stylish accessories that will make a real statement to your outfit. Hence went with these large tassel earring and big matchy sunglass to keep all eyes on me. Get a pair of this Monochrome bikini before it goes out of stock.

Street Style – Lulu and Sky

Spending money on swimwear is hard to swallow at first, but when you find the right cut (and get it in a classic color/print), you probably won’t buy a new one for years to come due to the quality and timeless-ness. So if you are on budget then wait till the price drop, your favorite pair will come on sale and grab your size before it goes out. Because I got mine at 80% off.

There is Diva inside us all but somehow we don’t like to bring it out. We fear of what anyone will say instead what the inner you wants. The only word is Dare, you ll see how thing will change around you. Then some of you out there are always, Extra when it comes to anything you style? Trust me there is nothing wrong with you. You are D Diva and this monochrome Bikini is so you this summer.

Trick to flattering swimwear: go tight with no hardware and get a smaller cut. Counterintuitive, but that’s the biggest trick. With tight and cheekier cuts, you’re less likely to experience sagging and more likely to gain some more lift. Your swimwear should make you feel beautiful and confident. It should feel and fit like a second skin. Just like mine, I love this monochord swim suit with broader black and white stripe pattern draws all the attention to my outfit and details back style is always I dig for while shopping for swimsuit.

Larger Sunglasses, big tassel earrings and confidence with your look is the only key that you have carry this summer. What shape or size you are monochrome pattern suits all body style. Flaunt deep neckline or bare back, don’t miss to steal the spotlight. I had so much fun creating this look and on my vacation. You can definitely make out from my picture. Go get a pair of that swim wear and shop for monochrome pattern to keep the hotness portion high. Follow me on all my social media handle and tag #theseasonstyle share your bikini style.

Until then as I say, wear what is in The Season Style.

Enjoy Summer




Location – Tripvilla Sparsh Resort and Chalets