How to dress on Rainy Day like D Diva with The Season Style #BRAND 

It’s still a bit drizzly in Mumbai, as you can never predict rain here. If you are planning to out of home and make a statement with your style that sexy. Then go for Synthetic fabric. Well, first Synthetic clothes do not stick to body after it gets wet for any reason. And because of this we feel comfortable. Also second property is that it gets dry quickly and because of this chances of fungal infection are less. Third property is synthetic fiber or cloths have good tensile strength. Here at TSS, If you dare to bring that D Diva out this rain, then this article is for you. Enjoy reading…


How to dress on Rainy Day like D Diva with The Season Style #STREET-STYLE 

Living in a tropical country means it is often best for us to invest in a stylish yet effective rain clothing. Bad weather can be depressing, so stray from blacks and grey and opt for a piece that boasts a little bit of color. If you are D Diva who like style more edgy this rain, then go for popping color and beat the darker rainy days with you vibrant style. Here at TSS, it’s time for embrace your inner self and wear style that is too hot for rain. Because D Diva look is all about stealing the spot light and that too in budget. Enjoy reading…