As a teen, I have always been shy and quite kid, would get myself in trouble or always been at the safe side. Yes, because I was a GIRL. It took me quite a while to know my STRENGTH,, the journey till today date has been a roller coaster ride. I don’t take a stand. Here at TSS, today I m going to share a glimpse of MY LIFE and how I found my STRENGTH; trust me this progress graph is not going down anymore. Enjoy reading.



First of all, I am recuperating and feeling a bit better now and back with my positive spirit. I am sure you are going see that in my today’s article. Okay! Last week main article was for brands, but if you want to shop same look but in budget, my September main article for #non-brand SALE style is for you. Sale makes any woman smile and go overboard with the shopping. Extra shopping when its Sale doesn’t hurts right. Here at TSS, enjoy the article and my all three looks for Teen, ladies and the hottest Diva out there.



Last week had taken a toll on me. Travel, constantly shooting every other day and as a result I fell sick on my Nasik trip. Nevertheless, I m all well now, thank you for all your blessings and wishes.  Here at TSS, I am back with the September’s main article for brands, I love SPRING BREAK clothing, recently I have been shopping. There is something for everyone, whether you are working lady boss or teen who want to look cool; if ya’ll like some spice I am sure my D DIVA look is going to burn you up. Hell Ya! Enjoy reading and my all three looks.