How to dress on Rainy Day for Women’s with The Season Style #STREET-STYLE 

Styling in monsoon season at work place is very tricky, sticking to darker shade of color isn’t always a good choice. My suggestion would be go for Grey and white, you must be thinking like really. Grey and white possibly one of the best colors you can wear on a wet day: A bold choice, yet perfectly office-friendly, Theses colors will take you through a dull and overcast work day feeling like the weather won’t touch you. If you need a work wear style guide for overcast and maybe even wet days, you’ve come to the right place. Oh yes! This style is completely in budget, Here at TSS, lets make the work place a bit more cooler. Enjoy reading…


How to dress on Rainy Day for Girls with The Season Style #STREET-STYLE 

Look, it’s raining, Its time to dress according to The Season Style. No matter which season it is, the rain can sneak up on us when we’re least prepared for it. Especially when you are in a phase for student life. Girls I know, rain is fun for so many things: splashing around in puddles, taking a woodsy hike, cozying up by the fire, movie marathons, and watching it fall from inside a warm place. But when it comes to fashion, it’s one of those things that trips us up more than anything else. How to look chic and stay dry, during a downpour? But wait; did you just forget that you are on budget…? Worry not, Here at TSS, I m back with my #STREET-STYLE for girls on budget…


My Summer look for D Diva on Budget Shopping 

There are two types of groups – Girls & Women, and then what is this D Diva Look. Diva is inside every women of all age group, someone who loves to flaunt and be the limelight, she doesn’t belong to any age group. If you are the one who wants to stand out in Summer Vacation and on budget then My Summer Look for D Diva is here to help you out. Here at TSS, bring on the plunging necklines, cut-outs and strappy silhouettes. You want your look to stand out — because …


My Summer look for Women’s on Budget Shopping 

 I don’t need to tell you that finding your dream swimsuit can be tough, when you are in 30s, caution about your body and yet, it’s getting easier with each passing summer. Swimwear has changed a lot throughout the ages, when you ladies want to hit vacation and find a decent swimwear, here at TSS, my summer look is all set to help you out. If you are on budget shopping then chill this summer look won’t burn a hole …



Something about autumn and how we dress makes this season, and us with it, look like a scene from our favorite film. Leaves on the ground, trees going to sleep, sun & rain altogether, windy cool weather, crispy mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting in pockets, sipping hot drinks in bohemian artsy or posh bars, hot coffees to go on rushed cold mornings, and us starring in all these scenes, almost always wearing SWEATERS!  Ya Sweaters are always back in tread this autumn and you really don’t need to worry about you budget girls while shopping for them. As you can refer to my Brand Article for teens Sweaters has been in Indian tradition of clothing very winter/spring. Here at TSS, check out how I m …



First of all, I am recuperating and feeling a bit better now and back with my positive spirit. I am sure you are going see that in my today’s article. Okay! Last week main article was for brands, but if you want to shop same look but in budget, my September main article for #non-brand SALE style is for you. Sale makes any woman smile and go overboard with the shopping. Extra shopping when its Sale doesn’t hurts right. Here at TSS, enjoy the article and my all three looks for Teen, ladies and the hottest Diva out there.



“BOHO” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, self descriptive of the style. This style came from gypsy and is trending every season. Boho style has been tricky to pull off. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple, easy cheat sheet to help you nail bohemian style in a flash? Today at TSS, I will let you know the history of BOHO PATTERN in PATTERN & STYLE and plus THE SEASON STYLE TIPS. Enjoy the article and my looks…



Those flowy sleeve things are formally known as bell sleeves, flared sleeves, or butterfly sleeves, and they’re basically the bell bottoms of the arms: tight from the shoulder to the elbow, then flaring into fluttery, uncontrollable glory and ending somewhere around the wrists. Don’t I look hot in that dress with BELL-SLEEVE, so how this fashion has involved? Here at TSS, Let me educate you about this style and some style tips, enjoy the article as I love writing and shooting for it.



The rains are here and it’s time to gear up with umbrellas, jackets and monsoon-friendly shoes. As a fashion-forward woman, why stick to last year’s boring windcheater? Here at TSS, In my main article for all my street-stylers out there, low on budget, not to worry. Budget friendly looks for my young college look, office look and for you who dare to be different D Diva Look is back in July’s main article.  Enjoy reading..



Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. What crosses in your mind when word Summer comes? Beach, Tan, Drinks, Pools or Bikini. Yes this May month’s main article is all about SWIMWEAR. Here at TSS let me guide you what kind of bikini young’s can go for, what women’s should wear and if you like to stand out go for D Diva Look. Enjoy reading…



Are you still confused between Jumpsuits, Catsuits and Rompers? This month my main article is going to help you out knowing more about the style. This article is for street-style and non brand for all my ladies out there, so this can go with your budget shopping. Style that one can carry as per age (Girl’s Look), profession (Woman’s look) and if you can handle the heat carry out the D Diva look



Boater hats a formal straw hat with a flat top and brim. A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or straw like materials from different plants or synthetics. The hat is designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke. Straw hats are also used in fashion as a decorative element or a uniform. There is lot to know about Boater Hats so lets educate you more about the style and this type of accessories. View article to know it all.



Hey Diva’s,

It’s Sunday! time to head to nearest flee market. Street Shopping is so much fun. You get plenty of option and varieties. Don’t just go blindly picking up thing that not in this season.
For those of you who dislike street shopping, there is thing called Online Shopping. Flee come to you in comfort of your home.  Trust me online shopping as fun as flee. 
View article and see what in this Season-Style.



Polka Dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled, large in size, in simple words Circles. It is likely that the term originated in popularity of polka dance at the time the pattern became fashionable, just as many other products and fashions of the era also adopted the “polka” name. View article to know it all.