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I m in love with cosmetics, can never get enough of them. Owing to dry and sensitive skin, I often stick to brands which are non-irritant to my skin. Oriflame products have been here for quite long and loved by consumer as per reviews available online. I thought to give it a try, check out my handpicked products from Oriflame and genuine reviews. Here the fun begins.

 Oriflame The One Everlasting Foundation & Oriflame The One Illuskin Concealer Plus Sponges

Oriflame The ONE EverLasting Foundation, shade I went for is Nude. As my skin is quite even and mostly I don’t get breakout so light foundation works perfect for me. This Oriflame The ONE EverLasting Foundation is a lightweight silicone base that promises to give transfer resistant long lasting flawless wear. It is  clinically proven foundation and gives medium to high coverage.

I would not suggest you guys to use it under eye area as it can cause some burning sensation if you have sensitive or dry skin like me. 

Packaging comes in cardboard box and you can see how the bottle looks in the picture.  The foundation comes in a tall glass bottle has a pump. Before applying it, shake it well and then pump out 4 pumps. It might seem a lot, but its not when you apply it with a VERY ME SPONGE from Oriflame comes in set of two. I would suggest using a foundation brush for better reults.

It blends into the skin effortlessly and it is not sticky. Now the finish is not matte, but when I apply powder , it looks complete matte. It gives my skin silky smooth look.

The product claims that it lasts up to 25 hours, No Way. In an air conditioned area, it  can last up to 6 to 7 hours and in room temperature, it hardly lasts for 4 hours. That the minus point

Price – 999 INR 30 ML


Blend well and easy to apply

Smells mild

Pump Dispenses makes it hygienic to use



Doesn’t cover dark circle or scars

Doesn’t last for 25 hours as it claims

TSS Rating 7/ 10

Oriflame The One Illuskin Concealer

We all know the importance of a concealer when it comes to a flawless makeup session. No matter if you have dark circles, or those dark spots that make your face look dull and uneven, concealers are a must have. But, we all want that one concealer that is light and blends with our skin like it is part of the skin itself. Oriflame The One Illusin Concealer, is easy to apply,  just dab it with your finger tips around your eyes, so the eyeshadow pops up well. Shade I went for is Fair Light.

Packaging comess in a transparent plastic tube, you can actually see the amount of concealer being used. Easily can be seen in the picture above Texture is neither thick nor liquid and can be used with brush, sponge or fingers.

Price – 429 RS 10 ML


Thick and creamy texture

Doesn’t cause breakout



Won’t cover darker circle or scars

TSS Rating 7/10

Oriflame set of 2 sponges

Price – 109 RS Set of 2

ORIFLAME VERY ME PEACH ME PERFECT SKIN GLOW          I love Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow  shade LIGHT because of the fact that it gives me a no-makeup look which is what I always go for. Even though I love it in all seasons, it works for me especially in the winters because it stays longer than usual. – As this product is termed a tinted moisturizer; there are just two shades, namely light and dark. I got the light shade as it complements my yellow undertones well. In person, it looks orange in appearance but on my face it blends into a natural color.

You can make out from my picture how happy I m with this product.

The packaging of foundation comes in a regular tube packaging with screw cap. It’s black in color with orange cap: that explains the peach part! On the body the brand name and product name is written in orange. The tube is not very sturdy and I do not think it is safe for travelling. Every time I open the tube, I see a lot of the cream has spilled inside the cap, so the packaging is a nay for me!

The moisturizer is partly runny and has to be taken out carefully in order to avoid excess fallout. On hand it looks pretty concentrated with pigments despite its liquid texture. On spreading out, it starts feeling watery but with a bit of creamy touch to it, which is very soothing on the skin. It takes a while of blending in, before it is entirely absorbed into the skin. It applies best with bare hands. It has a light fruity scent which is pleasant and stays for quite a long time. I am extremely sensitive to fragrances in my cosmetics but believe me,  this smell has not freaked me out!

I am impressed in this part! The coverage of Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow is so good that it can be easily called a foundation and precisely the reason why I have been calling it a foundation from the beginning! The finish is dewy but not sweaty, just enough to add a healthy glow to your face. If you look closely you will see that it is packed with very fine shimmers that provide the glow actually, but the shimmer is neither gritty nor does it show up on the face. It just blends right in and you may as well forget about it then and there!

It stays on me for about 1.5 hours in the day and about 2-2.5 hours in the evening in the summers. 

Price – 479 RS 30 ML


Easy to apply and blends well

Smell heavenly

Light shimmer work well


Less quantity for the price

Stay tune next month for PART 2 review of ORIFLAME, till then wear what is in THE SEASON STYLE.

Happy Shopping
Article written and model – Jannat Sorathia (founder of THE SEASON STYLE)
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