We all have hangover stories, whether it is birthday bash you have attended last night or weekend parties and some of you who loves drinking and its lifestyle of course. Waking up with hangover is the worst thing everyone of you must have experienced, I was wondering how many of us have suffered the worst kind. You know, the kind where you start vomiting at like 5-6.30 am and don’t stop until about 5 pm that day? where even a sip of water makes you gag, literally waking up every ten minutes alllll day once, and actually worried for yourself. Turns out, it was simply my “older” self telling that you are no longer a 21 year old and needed to cut that ish out. Here at TSS, my new collab The Season Style X LIVitup will guide you how get rid of the hangover and keep you healthy.

Product Claims – Say goodbye to hangovers with the power of New Age Ayurveda. LIVitup! is an Ayurvedic hangover shield that doubles up as a long term liver protector. LIVitup is an Ayurvedic hangover medicine that doubles up as a long term liver protector. It is an age old formulation traditionally used as a long-term liver protector for alcohol and gutkha addiction with a refreshed brand for young consumers. When a LIVitup! Hangover tablet is consumed: it reduces alcohol conversation to acetaldehyde. This prevents the hangover in the short term and liver cirrhosis in longer term. LIVitup is a natural and safe ayurvedic hangover cure pill with no side effects.

I m not a very hard drinker or a party animal, I know my limits while drinking. Somehow when I end up in a meeting or party where I cross my third peg my inner self warns me about the hangover which I completely hate. Especially when I have important morning shoot . Last weekend before my friend’s birthday bash I took 2 pills, got drunk beyond limit to check if this really works. Violla, it works like magic, no hangover in morning, so I call them magic pills.  No more Black and White morning anymore, no hangover, get back to your colorful self with LIVitupI highly recommend this as it works well plus its FDA approved.

P.S I love the way they wrote my name @jannatsorathia on the box. So pop before you party LIVitup! to make sure you are #NeverHungover. I hope this review helps you guys, so until then see you next time on The Season Style.